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How much does Kapil Sharma earn in a month? Surprising revelation

Mumbai (Web Desk) Leading Indian comedian and host Kapil Sharma has made it to the top 100 of the Forbes India Celebrity List. You will be amazed to know Kapil Sharma’s wealth. According to a report, Kapil Sharma has total assets of Rs 242 crore. Kapil Sharma earns more than Rs 30 million a month. And in one year it earned Rs 36 crore

Is formed. Another thing you may not know about Kapil Sharma and that is that he receives Rs 40-90 lakh for a TV episode. They charge Rs 1 crore for a brand endorsement. He is also doing a Netflix show ‘Kapil Sharma – I’m Not Done’ these days. But this show is not what it is in his TV show. Kapil Sharma’s house is in a very covered area of ​​Mumbai. It is very luxurious. The value of his house is said to be Rs. 80 million. Apart from this, Kapil Sharma also owns several real properties across the country. The couple also owns a number of expensive and luxury vehicles, including the Range Rover EQQ, Volvo XC90, Mercedes-Benz SD4 and a customized van.

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