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Charming style of dancer girl Nora Fathi !! An anonymous man also appeared in the photos

Mumbai (Web Desk) Leading Indian actress and dancer girl Nora Fathi posted some pictures on her Instagram handle in which an anonymous man is watching the pose of the actress from afar. The Indian actress has managed to get amazing fan following all over the world which always impresses everyone. This time the actress did something

Instagram updates have been posted in which she can be seen posing on a sidewalk. For this special photo shoot, Nora is wearing a brown shirt, blue jeans with a nice thick white coat on top. Dancer Girl Nora Fathi has chosen a beautiful location for this photo session which may have been chosen randomly but it turned out to be a wise choice, however in one click when Nora poses for her photos a random The man can be seen watching the dancer from afar. In the picture, it seems that this anonymous man is a fan of the actress who is watching the pose from afar. In the caption of the post, Nora wrote It doesn’t even brake, and I don’t like it if there’s a toke on the way back. “

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