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So much love and that too from him … !!! Fans were shocked to see Alize Shah’s new video

Lahore (Monitoring Desk) Celebrities and actors have always wanted to somehow make their pets stand out on their social media handles. Leading Pakistani actress Aliza Shah has posted another picture with her pet cat. ۔ Looking at the picture posted by the Pakistani star, maybe any warmth or love

I will not be able to avoid drowning in which Alizee and her cat are sharing. The cat can be seen protruding from the back of Alizeh’s shoulder and staring at the camera with innocence. Maybe, it seems that she offers the impression of falling in love with cat pose tactics. Truth be told, it would be a great idea if Alize Shah started posting some meaningful content on her social media handles. , Especially with the kind of fans that the controversial Pakistani star has acquired on his internet accounts.

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