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What did Alia Bhatt like about Ajay Devgn? Video viral

Mumbai (Web Desk) – Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn’s luxury car Rolls-Royce actress Alia Bhatt liked it. At the request of Ajay Devgn, he showed his magnificent luxury car Rolls-Royce to Alia Bhatt

Photographers were also present on the occasion who checked Alia Bhatt’s car and saved it in the video camera. In the video it can be seen that Alia Bhatt is inspecting Ajay Devgn’s car with great interest and she is asking some questions in this regard. This video of Alia Bhatt is becoming very popular on social media. Alia Bhatt is asking questions regarding her mileage. Is a film about the Mafia of K, taken from a chapter in the book Mafia Queens of Mumbai by renowned author Hussain Zaidi.

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