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Where does actress Fiza Ali take beggars in her car? Knowing this will make it harder for you to believe

Lahore (News Desk) Beggars are also human beings. They should also be taken care of. We have more professional beggars but not everyone is happy. Some even adopt this work under duress. We must respect everyone. Actress Fiza Ali also gave her recent interview

Talking about the beggars, I said that the beggars at the signals in Lahore, I take them in my car and take them for a walk. They are all friends of both me and my daughter. So much fun I know the way from Moon Market to Defense. So all the beggars who come there are my acquaintances, my very good friends. We go in 4 months in 5 months, come back from there. If they are all selling flowers, they all give me flowers for free. If someone sells a newspaper, he comes and gives it to me. Then if they have to go to another signal, they open the back door of my car and sit down. She is from Karachi nowadays. This accident happened to him. Such a beggar got in the car and sat down. Yes, my friends.

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