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Today’s Boys Amna Elias has revealed a big secret, you should be ashamed to hear it

Lahore: (Web Desk) Actress Amna Ilyas has said that she has not undergone surgery on any of her organs including her cheek surgery and that all the boys of today have become like girls in appearance. The actress and model recently participated in the ‘Voice over Man’ show, where she answered various questions.

In response to a question, Amna Ilyas said that the impression that people do not like her acting and only look at her size and fashion is wrong. If asked to do a kiss scene, she would agree to it. Amna Elias clarified that although she could possibly shoot kiss scenes with one of the best actors of her choice in a Hollywood movie. Are In response to another question, Amna Elias said that she has the best experience in killing or beating someone but her skill is not hidden from anyone. Amna Ilyas said that her heart beats faster when she sees any Pakistani actor, however, her heart beats faster when she sees Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. During the program, she said that if she were not an actress, she would have become a wrestler, while on social media, she is criticized for being the most dressed up and inappropriate things are said about her. In one segment, Amna Elias said that men have their brains under their feet and not on their knees. Amna Elias clarified to a question that she has undergone cheek surgery and has not undergone plastic surgery in any other part. According to the actress, if given a chance, she will change her gender and become a boy while a To the question, he said that he likes attractive men but at the same time said that nowadays all boys have become like girls in appearance.

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