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Shah Rukh Khan came wearing a torn shirt during the last rites of Lata Mangeshkar !! What happened then Learn

New Delhi (News Desk) Bollywood celebrities including Shah Rukh Khan had arrived for the last rites of Lata Mangeshkar last day. When King Khan arrived there, the media started taking pictures of him. On one occasion, he was seen removing the mask from his mouth and blowing something.

Khan had spit on his dead body, but Khan faced a lot of criticism on social media for this fake news. Another photo of Shah Rukh Khan taken during Lata’s last rites has gone viral on social media, which is being hotly debated among social media users. In the picture taken by King Khan, it can be seen that his shirt is torn from his waist. Indian actor Kamal R. Khan sarcastically said that Karan Johar, Adi Chopra bhai, help him, give him some movie, just watch it. The brother is wearing a torn T-shirt in poverty. It should be noted that Shah Khan spat on the body of Lata Mangeshkar yesterday, through this fake news, the Bollywood actor started getting severe criticism. According to private TV, Shah Rukh Khan along with his wife laid flowers on the deceased and raised his hand and prayed. On this, many users criticized this user and said that Shah Rukh has read and blowed and the flow of fake news should be stopped. On the other hand, many social media users have also criticized Shah Rukh Khan. It should be noted that the last rites of Lata Mangeshkar, the queen of heads and the singer of the subcontinent known as ‘Bubble India’

Lata Mangeshkar passed away in the morning at the age of 92 and her death marked the end of her singing career. Lata Mangeshkar’s last rites were performed at Shivaji Park in Mumbai. Many political and film personalities including Modi, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and cricketer Sachin Tendulkar participated. On this occasion many singers and actors including Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor paid homage. A guard of honor was presented by Maharashtra at the state level after which his nephew performed the last rites. The head will remain numb. According to Indian media, Lata Mangeshkar, who enchanted a scholar with her voice, lost her life at the age of 92 in Corona. However, a few days later, she returned home from the hospital after recovering from her illness. She was undergoing treatment under the supervision of a team of specialist doctors but could not recover. The Indian government has declared two days of mourning for the country’s famous singer during which the national flag will be hoisted. Born in Indore, Madhya Pradesh on September 28, 1929, Lata Mangeshkar started singing at the age of 13 and continued the Indian film industry with her humorous voice. Lata Mangeshkar sang for over a thousand films and The most famous playback singer in Bollywood, Lata Mangeshkar was not married.

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