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Why did you stay away from TV? Actress Saima Noor gave a surprising reason

Lahore (News Desk) In the modern era, fans use social media to find out about their favorite actor, most notably Instagram, where showbiz personalities come to live with their fans and answer their interesting questions. , Such a fan

When asked, actress Saima Noor explained the reason for not working on TV anymore. In response to a question from a fan, the actress said, T he and sir every servant was aware of what is now? Now is the modern age of mobile, everyone is busy in their work, games or tic-tac-toe, so the PTV channel is gone in a way, people don’t pay much attention anymore I love it because it is short for Pakistan Television.

Remember that actress Saima Syed Noor is no longer seen in TV or film industry but she is now very active on social media with her fans.

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