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Looking at the current situation, whether to get married or not ?? Kabra Khan started a new debate

Lahore: (Web Desk) Kabra Khan, who in the past termed loneliness better than marriage, has said that considering the current situation, he will have to marry according to the will of his family instead of love marriage. Kabra Khan recently responded to fans’ questions on Instagram about marriage.

People also asked him about his favorite dramas, actors and characters. When asked about celebrating Valentine’s Day, she vaguely replied that she would celebrate Valentine’s Day in the air. On the question of working with fellow actresses of ‘Sanaf Ahan’, Kabra Khan termed the fellow actresses as ‘hard slaves’ and wrote that he enjoyed working with all of them. A fan asked her if she wanted to be a doctor herself but her father wanted her to become a Microsoft engineer, to which the actress expressed surprise that there are parents who want to see their daughters in a profession other than doctor. Are Fellow Kabra Khan advised the woman to tell her father that she wanted to save people’s lives by becoming a doctor, as lives could not be saved in PDF format. In response to a question, the actress said that she loves all kinds of animals and creatures and wants her boss to be a dinosaur, but due to the nature of the work, she can not do so, so she They keep small animals, which they never leave alone. When asked about actress Dananir Mubeen, he praised her and called her the best actress and personality. Kabra Khan wrote that Dananir Mubeen is like her younger sister but she is very sweet and delicious and Everyone falls in love with them. In response to a question, the actress termed Usman Mukhtar as her best male actor. A fan also asked the actress about marriage, to which she gave a clear answer and termed the questioner as ‘riotous’. Similarly, another fan asked her if she would marry for love or at the request of family members. To which the actress gave a short answer that given the circumstances, she would have to obey her family and marry of her choice.

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