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Why did the first marriage fail? Hadiqa Kayani unveiled the secrets of the past

Lahore (News Desk) – Leading actress and singer Hadiqa Kayani said about her life that the reason for the failure of her first marriage was her mother-in-law. Picking up, she said her first marriage was a completely orange marriage, her first husband in the 90’s.

Was making a video of, here they fell in love with me and then this relationship was settled through our mutual friend. According to the singer, the reason for the failure of their marriage was their mother-in-law who disliked Hadiqa’s music They stayed together for about five and a half years, during which they quarreled over small things and then one day it was decided to separate. “Even when we got engaged, I was not happy and satisfied. My fiance tried to kill herself, so I decided to marry the man who tried to kill himself for me,” said Kayani. How much he will care and I got married, that was the biggest mistake of my life. From the first day of marriage till separation I tried hard to keep this person happy but we separated. “Even after the separation, I waited for the person to forgive me, but unfortunately things got worse,” Kayani said.

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