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Former Bigg Boss player Mah Jabeen Siddiqui has said goodbye to showbiz for Islam

Mumbai: (Web Desk) Former actor of Indian reality show Bigg Boss Mah Jabeen Siddiqui has decided to always wear hijab while leaving showbiz for Islam. Jabeen Siddiqui, who is a part of Bigg Boss 11, recently said in a post on social media that he has said goodbye to showbiz for following the straight and true path given by God.

Mah Jabeen wrote in his message, “I am writing this because I have been very worried for 2 years, I do not understand what to do to calm me down. When a person commits a sin, the pleasure of that sin disappears in a short while, but his sin lasts till the Day of Resurrection. I felt like I was forgetting my real life and living the life of the world. Man can never find peace by disobeying Allah. No matter how much you do to please people and no matter how much time you give, people will never appreciate you. It is better to spend your time pleasing Allah. May the Hereafter be better for you and me. I have been following Sana Khan’s sister for a year now. I liked her words very much. Mah Jabeen further wrote that the peace I got by repenting from Allah I cannot describe in words. What I was looking for in peace I found by praying ie worshiping Allah. From now on, I have made the intention that I will always be in hijab, God willing. May Allah forgive my sins and help me to walk on the right path. ”Mah Jabeen said in his post that he has made this decision inspired by Sana Khan, a former actress and a part of the house of Bigg Boss. It should be noted that before the month of Jabeen, Sana Khan and Zaira Wasim have also said goodbye to showbiz for the sake of Islam.

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