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Why did Madhuri Dixit reach the theater wearing ‘burqa’? He himself made a big revelation

Mumbai (Web Desk) Bollywood actress Hasina Madhuri Dixit has recently revealed that she wore a burqa in the theater to watch the super hit song ‘Ek Do Teen’. Madhuri Dixit is known for promoting her new series ‘The Fame Game’. The Indian comedy show The Kapil Sharma participated in the show as a guest, accompanied by actor Sanjay Kapoor who

The actress said that when one or two songs were released and hit the theaters, everyone would tell me that this song was a super hit and was becoming very popular, it was more fun to watch it on the big screen in the theater When he came, I decided that I too would go to the theater and see him. Madhuri said that while keeping my identity hidden, I also reached the theater wearing burqa. People started throwing coins towards the screen which were falling on us. Was the highest grossing film of

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