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She stopped and prayed to Allah that … Noshin Shah unveiled the difficulties of his life

Lahore: (Web Desk) Actress Noshin Shah has talked about praying regularly. In an interview given to a private channel, Noshin Shah talked about the difficulties he faced in his life three years ago. Noshin said that 3 years ago I was not happy with my life, my heart was not at peace, I wanted to do everything but still I could not do anything in the best way. The actress revealed that not doing things properly made me restless, not to mention that there were a couple of nights in my life when I couldn’t sleep all night, I cried all night and prayed to Allah that somehow Give me the strength to go to the place of prayer. Noshin Shah said that Allah listened to my prayers and took me to the place of prayer. After that, now, praise be to Allah, I am 3 years old.

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