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How did the co-stars react when they found out that I was Shafqat Mahmood’s daughter? Actress Tara told an interesting story

KARACHI (News Desk) – Actress Tara Mehmood has told an interesting story about her father’s identity being revealed. Later it was found out that he is none other than Tara Mahmood

The center was formed when Pakistan was under the influence of code and the decision regarding school holidays was being reconsidered. However, now Tara Mahmood says that when the co-stars found out that I was Munster’s daughter, they were shocked. The reaction of the people was quite unusual because I did not tell anyone who my father was. “When people found out about it, they immediately went to my Instagram account and started commenting there,” said Tara. As the car was being driven, my director Danish Nawaz came and said in a humorous manner, “Where is your protocol? You are the daughter of a minister, but it doesn’t seem to be from anywhere.”

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