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You are with me, I got engaged by showing the essence of acting !! Who is the boy You will be surprised to know

Lahore: (Web Desk) I have you, mistake, God and love ‘in the drama, the essence of acting in the actress Mehrabano’s engagement photos and videos went viral on social media. Mehrabano himself did not share the engagement photos on his Instagram nor did his fianc producer Shah Rukh Kazim Ali make any post.

However, photos and videos of their engagement went viral on various social media pages on February 25, in which the two can be seen wearing rings to each other. In the videos and photos that have gone viral on various showbiz social media pages, Mehrabano and Shah Rukh Kazim Ali can be seen happily on the occasion of engagement with other friends. On the occasion of the engagement, Mehrabano wore a traditional white dress while Shah Rukh Kazim Ali wore a black three piece. The engagement ceremony was held at Lahore, the capital of Punjab. Mehrabano and Shah Rukh Kazim Ali can also be seen wearing rings on each other in viral videos and photos. Mehrabano and Shah Rukh did not share any post on their Instagram regarding the engagement, however their friends also shared their engagement posts. Mehrabano is well-known not only for his bold acting but also for his costumes and statements. He had said in a previous interview that Mujra was actually a creation of Muslims. He also said in an interview last year that there was no platform or mechanism in the showbiz industry for women to complain about sexual harassment and that showbiz women had nothing but silence. No option The actress had also said in the said interview that actresses are criticized on social media so much that their personal and marital life and family life is ruined and sometimes people even take a step like suicide due to criticism. ۔ The actress said that if a woman’s dupatta falls from one side to the other or her clothes are slightly removed, there is a commotion. They become depressed and then commit suicide.

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