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How do you get rid of clutter in a joke? The singer told her interesting story

Lahore: (Web Desk) According to singer Shea Gill, who gained fame with the fifth song ‘Pasori’ of Cook Studio Season 14, she initially started singing in jokes but now she has become a formal singer. In a brief interview with the audio streaming website ‘Spotify’ Pakistan, Shea Gill also provided clarifications and made a correct statement in her name.

According to She Gill, she hails from Lahore, the capital of Punjab, and is 23 years old when she started singing jokes while staying with friends in a hostel. He did not give his real name and said that as soon as he started singing, his friends started calling him Shey Gill and he used that name. In response to a question, Shey Gill said that he wished He will also work with the Pakistani musical band Young Stunners, including Oscar-winning musician Allah Rakha Rehman (AR Rehman). In response to another question, she said that this year she intends to understand classical music including writing poetry and she is sure that she will be able to do so. Shegil had earlier said on the release of her Coke studio’s first song ‘Pasori’ on February 7 that she had started singing in a hostel with friends but now she has become a professional singer. He also thanked Cook Studios for providing the opportunity and praised Ali Sethi, who sang the best song with him. She said that when she was offered to work with Coke Studios, she only told her mother about it and she surprised her father. According to him, his family was very happy to see him in Coke Studio. She also shared a video of herself on Instagram after the release of ‘Pasori’, in which she showed how she felt when she first saw and heard her song on YouTube. She-Gill shared a video of her hostelmates watching and listening to the song ‘Pasori’, in which they can be seen happily emotional. The poetry of ‘Pasori’ has been written by Ali Sethi and Fazal Abbas while it has been composed by Ali Sethi along with musician Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan alias Zulfi. What is special about ‘Pasoori’ is that it also features classical dancer Sheema Kirmani. Pasodi was the first song of ‘Cook Studio Season 14’ which was watched more than 1 million times in just two days. It was much loved but it did not get the honor of going fast 1 million times. Similarly, Cook Studio’s song ‘Kana Yari’ was well received but it did not get the same honor as ‘Pasori’.

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