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Why Tiger Sharoof changed his name, the actor unveiled the big secret for the first time

Mumbai: (Web Desk) Bollywood actor Tiger Sharoof has given an interesting reason for changing his name from “Jay Hemant Sharoof” to “Taig Sharoof”. Bollywood action hero Tiger Sharoof is celebrating his 32nd birthday today. Actors are known for their extraordinary action scenes and dances in movies. Tiger Sharoof was born on March 2, 1990, to Bollywood actors Jackie Sharoof and Ayesha Sharoof. At the time of Tiger’s birth, his parents named him “Jay Hemant Sharoof” but today no one knows him by his real name but today he is known as “Tiger Sharoof”. But why did the actor keep his name “Tiger Sharoof”. In a previous interview, Tiger Sharoof gave a very interesting reason for changing his name from Jay Hemant Sharoof to Tiger Sharoof. Tiger Shroff said that as a child he had a habit of biting people which led people to compare him with Tiger. The actor said that as a child he used to bite anyone around him and even cut off one of his teachers for which he was punished. And just from here people started calling him “Tiger” and thus his name became “Tiger Sharoof”.

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