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What happened that Shilpa Shetty hit Rohit with a glass bottle in the show? Video viral

Mumbai (Monitoring Desk) Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty hit Rohit Shetty with a glass bottle for not listening and ignoring her talk in Nashu, the video of which went viral on social media. India’s Got Talent Is one of the most popular shows on TV, the ninth season of the most popular show on TV today.

It is being aired. Shilpa Shetty shared a clip of the upcoming episode on her Instagram account in which well known Bollywood director and stunt king Rohit Shetty can be seen as a judge. In the video it can be seen that Shilpa Shetty from Rohit Shetty Someone wants to talk but they engage in their talk with someone else and ignore the actress altogether. When Rohit turns to her after Dolly’s death, Shilpa asks him to offer her a movie. The shocked director replies, “Are you crazy?” You ruined my suit. ‘

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