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Why do you work with Yasir Nawaz and Neelam Munir? Nada opened the whole mess

Lahore: (Web Desk) Pakistan showbiz industry’s famous actor and director Yasir Nawaz is often seen working with the beautiful actress Neelam Munir, finally Nada Yasir has explained it. According to social media reports, on the social networking site Instagram, actress and host Nada Yasir held a question and answer session for the fans in which she answered various questions of the fans. During the same session, a fan asked Nada Yasir why her husband Yasir Nawaz worked with Neelam Munir in more projects. Why not choose another actress? Answering the question of the fan, Nada Yasir without wasting time closed the bridge of praise of Neelam Munir. Nada Yasir said that Neelam Munir is a beautiful and extremely talented actress, at the same time she also works hard.

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