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Unique video of Atif Aslam and Neelam Munir goes viral !!! Consumers were shocked

Lahore (Web Desk) There are many actors in the Pakistan showbiz industry who started acting at an early age. Watching their past videos on social media, viewers get lost in deep thought or laugh at old videos of actors. Can’t even control. A video of singer Atif Aslam and actress Neelam Munir is circulating. Details

According to PTI, actress Neelam Munir and singer Atif Aslam are considered as big actors in Pakistan showbiz industry. While his performance in the popular drama ‘Sang Mah’ is also being highly appreciated. The old video of famous singer Atif Aslam and actress Neelam Munir is circulating virally on social media. Singer Atif Aslam and actress Neelam Munir shared a What was the ad whose video is going viral? In the video made, the advertisement belongs to Sony Ericsson’s mobile and both of them are brothers and sisters in it.

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