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enough !! What does Sunny Leone do with ‘trolls’ on social media?

Lahore: (Web Desk) Bollywood’s famous Bollywood actress Sunny Leone says that she blocks trolls on social media. According to social media reports, in a recent interview, Sunny Leone, while talking about “social media trolling”, said that he does not care about users who criticize social media because it is not a part of their life. Are “People who criticize me on social media don’t pay my bills, they don’t help me cook, they don’t help me change baby diapers, but these trolls are not part of my life in any way. Are not part of the family He said that if anyone criticizes someone on social media, the aim is to get full attention. The actress and model said that the comments of the critics on social media should not be read and they should be “blocked”, I would block the trolls on social media. People only want to get attention, they are like little children who want attention. “I don’t care what anyone says because these people are not a part of my life,” she said.

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