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Farah Khan brings back her hilarious antics: Gets a foot massage from Punit Malhotra, plays Rishton Ki Puja Jahan Ho

Huma Qureshi has shared candid videos featuring filmmakers Farah Khan and Punit Malhotra. While one video shows Punit giving Farah a foot massage, the other one shows Farah throwing a spoon at him as he forgets to give her a fork.

Filmmaker Farah Khan seems to be a pro at bossing around younger filmmakers, or so it seems in a candid video shared by actor Huma Qureshi. The actor shared two videos on her Instagram Stories to show how Farah treated Punit as they all sat down to have fun and enjoy some cake. Farah is seen getting a foot massage from Punit in one video. Another video shows her throwing a spoon at him as he mistakenly forgets to give her a fork to eat the cake. Also read: Farah Khan jokes ‘I am so rich’ as she boasts about swimming pool in her penthouse. Watch

Huma shared the first video with the caption, “Happy Women’s Day @farahkhankunder. Love from your fave masseuse @punitfmalhotra.” It had the Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi song playing in the background. It looked even funnier as the lyrics ‘rishto ki puja jahan ho aadar bado ka wahan ho (Relationships thrive where elders are respected)’ played in the background as Punit gave Farah a foot massage while she simply lounged on a sofa, scrolling through her phone.

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