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Is Haritak Roshan going to marry his girlfriend “Saba Azad”? A close friend reported the inside

Mumbai (News Desk) Bollywood actors Haritak Roshan and Saba Azad were seen holding hands in a restaurant some time back and since then various rumors have been circulating in the market. The two have also been seen visiting each other’s homes while pictures of the two with each other’s families have also surfaced.

After which it is being speculated that the two will get married very soon. In this regard, a close friend of the couple while talking to India Today said that Haritak and Saba have become very close to each other, Haritak’s family. Accepted Saba well. Haritak’s family especially likes his songs. Recently, when they went to Haritak’s house, they also sang there. According to the friend, the two are close to each other but do not want to rush into marriage. A close friend of the couple said that Saba Azad also has a deep friendship with Haritak’s ex-wife Suzanne Khan and both are in touch. Haritak’s children have also beaten Saba before.

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