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Mandira Bedi says she may not have adopted a boy ‘if Tara was our first-born’

Mandira Bedi says that she would have preferred to adopt a girl child, even if her first-born were a girl. She has a ten-year-old son, Vir, and five-year-old daughter Tara whom she adopted in 2020.

Mandira Bedi has said that she might have adopted a girl child, had she had a daughter as the first child. Mandira lost her husband Raj Kaushal last year to a heart attack. Mandira and Rraj adopted four-year-old Tara in 2020. Mandira also has a ten-year-old son, Vir. (Also read: Mandira Bedi says daughter Tara ‘wasn’t denied her first birthday celebration in our home’, shares pics)

Announcing Tara’s entry into their family, Mandira had posted a family picture of herself, Raj, Vir and Tara on Instagram. In a recent interaction, the actor opened up about her decision to adopt Tara.

Mandira told ETimes, “If Tara was our first-born, I don’t know if we would have adopted a boy as our second child. In our country, there are far more girls than boys who’re seeking parents.” Talking about the names of her children, she added, “Raj and I had decided that if our first child is a son, we will call him Vir, and if it’s a daughter, we will call her Tara. So, Tara didn’t become Tara when we saw her for the first time. “

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