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Hareem Shah’s statement regarding Bilawal Bhutto came to light !! Made a new prediction

Karachi: (Web Desk) Tak Tak Hareem Shah in a statement in support of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that politicians who make fun of Bilawal’s Urdu should be ashamed. A few days ago, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s tongue slipped while addressing a public march in Islamabad and he was mistakenly saying “legs are trembling”.

Bilawal’s mistake was ridiculed on social media and interesting memes were shared. Bilawal’s mockers included not only social media users but also politicians and artists. However, now Tuck Tucker has come to the fore in support of Hareem Shah Bilawal. In a video, Hareem Shah slammed those who mocked Bilawal’s Urdu and said, “Mistakes can be made by anyone. Are we all perfect? ​​If Bilawal Bhutto made a mistake, this mistake could be made by anyone.” “We should be ashamed of making fun of anyone,” she said. Criticizing Bilawal’s imitators, Hareem Shah said that people are increasingly making videos on the incident just for ratings and TRP, as if someone is doing a good deed. I don’t think anyone is perfect and no one knows Urdu so well no matter who the politician is. Hareem said that no one has been perfect in any era, you make fun of Bilawal the most because he has studied abroad. However, over time man learns. Therefore, in my view, Bilawal’s Urdu is the most unique. Hareem Shah said that Bilawal’s style is the most different, he speaks so well, so we should be happy that so many young and beautiful young people are coming forward who will be our next Prime Minister. Tuck Tucker said that any politician who has made fun of Bilawal should have been so ashamed that Bilawal is representing our Pakistan. What will be the image of Pakistan in the world by making fun of you that people sitting in such high positions are making fun. Hareem Shah, quoting a surah of the Holy Qur’an, said that the Holy Qur’an tells us not to make fun of anyone. Any politician who has spoken like this for Bilawal, I think it is a great shame for him. By sitting in such high positions, you are making fun of an innocent and young man and making fun of the person who is just learning. Hareem said, “Bilawal, my support is with you. I love you and insha’Allah you are our next prime minister.”

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