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Separated? Sajjal Ali’s move caused concern among the fans

Lahore (Web Desk) Showbiz industry’s leading duo, actress Sajjal Ali and actor Ahad Raza Mir’s important news is circulating on social media. In which it can be seen that Sajjal Ali gave his name

She has removed the name of her husband, Ahad Raza Mir. Earlier on Instagram, Sajal Ali’s name was ‘Sajal Ahad Mir’, but now she has removed the name of Ahad Raza Mir with her name only ‘Sajal Ali’. It should be noted that for the past one year, the news about the separation of this beautiful couple has been the adornment of social media which has not been satisfactorily denied or confirmed by Sajjal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir. It may be recalled that Ahad Raza Mir did not even attend the wedding of Sajjal Ali’s younger sister actress Sabur Ali. Related news has become an adornment of social media but in this regard Sajjal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir have not denied or confirmed so far.

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