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What is done for beauty? Kabra Khan’s revelation that stunned the fans

Karachi (News Desk) Lollywood actress Kabra Khan has revealed that she too has resorted to beauty treatment. According to the details, the actress participated in a talk show hosted by Hassan Chaudhry in which she shared her private He also talked about life, upcoming projects and trolling.

Talking about the surgery, he said, “Almost everyone here has used this treatment. In the same way, they have undergone laser treatment to protect their skin. In addition to this, they also do exercises which relieves their stress and it also keeps a person healthy. Speaking about herself, the actress said, “I am a little different, a good-natured and lucky person. I believe in keeping myself busy and I have also undergone cortin treatment. ‚ÄĚSpeaking of work, the actress is seen working in the drama serial” Ahad Wafa “these days.

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