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Time is of the essence! What did the in-laws do when the husband died? Zeenat Aman made a sad revelation

Mumbai (Web Desk) Former Bollywood star heroine Zeenat Aman has said that her in-laws hated her so much that they were not allowed to see her till after her husband’s death. According to the report, actress Zeenat Aman He further added that his mother-in-law and nands harassed him to leave the family. My

My husband hated me so much that once I asked him if I could come he said no you can’t come see me, he was very angry and bitter for me. And there was hatred. Actress Zeenat Aman had said in a media interview that she was married to Mazhar Khan and when she passed away, Zeenat Aman’s in-laws did not allow her to attend the funeral. Zeenat Aman and Mazhar Khan also have two sons. Their names are Azan Khan and Jahan Khan. Actress Zeenat Aman was known as glamorous, bold and hot actress while her husband Mazhar Khan was also an actor. Both got divorced.

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