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How many crores does Salman Khan pay his bodyguard ‘Sheera’ annually?

Mumbai: (Web Desk) Like Bollywood’s domineering Salman Khan, his bodyguard ‘Sheera’ is not only very popular in public but he also has the confidence of a domineering actor, which is why Sheera is often called Salman Khan’s. Is seen together. According to Indian media, Sheera has been working as Salman Khan’s bodyguard for the last 27 years. What is the salary of Shah Rukh Khan’s bodyguard? Not only has Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera provided security to American singer Justin Bieber during his visit to India, but do you know how much Salman Khan’s well-known bodyguard Shera gets paid annually? According to a claim made in an Indian media report, Salman Khan pays Sheera a monthly salary of 1.5 million Indian rupees and an annual (20 million).

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