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“I used to ask for prayers that …” Noman Ijaz made a big revelation

Karachi (News Desk) Senior actor Noman Ijaz has said about his profession that there was a time when he used to ask for prayers to quit acting. Actor Noman Ijaz has recently given an interview to an OTT platform. In which he shared new interesting things about his personal and professional life with his fans

Are shared. Noman Ijaz said that they do their work in a very religious way, they always perform their role by performing ablutions, therefore honesty comes in the work itself, it is a great grace of their Lord. “His style of working is very strict. He never tried to teach acting to his son Zaviar. His technique and style are very different. He dominates the characters,” said Noman Ijaz. “They never put on make-up, they have never had any filler or cream on their face,” said Noman Ijaz. But there came a time when he used to stand at the place of prayer and pray regularly that Allah would take me out of this work. I don’t think so. ”He said,“ Then he talked to a man of God who said to him, ‘Who are you, you think? Learn what to look for and tactics to help ease the way It cannot be delivered without a snake.

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