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enough!!! In the contempt case, the court issued a major order against Mesha Shafi

Lahore: (Web Desk) Singer Ali Zafar heard a request from singer Mesha Shafi to complete cross-examination in a defamation case through video link. The Lahore Sessions Court rejected Mesha Shafi’s request for cross-examination through a video link statement and ordered Mesha Shafi to appear in person. In the petition, Mesha Shafi had stated that she could not appear in court due to her residency in Canada. She requested that the statement in the court be cross-examined through video link. The court rejected Mesha Shafi’s plea and after the hearing, the session court adjourned the next hearing till April 7. It is to be noted that Mesha Shafi had filed a petition in the court in February last year to complete the cross-examination in the defamation case so that his cross-examination could be completed through video link due to his stay abroad. At the request of Mesha Shafi, Ali Zafar submitted his position in the Sessions Court through his lawyers and opposed the request of the singer. Ali Zafar, in his reply filed in the court, requested the court to return Mesha Shafi’s application along with the fine.

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