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‘Pushpa’ was fined by the Indian police, Allu Arjun and what a serious charge

Lahore (Web Desk) – The hero of Telugu film Pushpa, who caused a stir in Bollywood circuit, was fined by Indian traffic police. According to Indian media, superstar Allu Arjun was found violating traffic rules in Hyderabad city. , On which the police challaned him.

‘Pushpa’ was caught by the law when a traffic officer spotted a car running on the road with color shades on the windows. Owl Arjun is present. The traffic police, while performing their duty honestly, challaned him. It is learned that Owl Arjun had to pay a fine of Rs. 700 for violating the traffic law. Allo Arjun and his team are preparing for the launch of the first schedule of Pushpa 2 in July. Fans are eagerly awaiting its release. Released in the summer of 2023.

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