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The 6 stars of the showbiz industry whose lives were saved after a big accident !!

Lahore: (Web Desk) When it happens in life, man does not even know the next moment, who knows what is going to happen, good or bad. Today we will talk about this topic in our story. The 6 stars of the showbiz industry who did not face a major accident in their lives and their lives were spared.

Ayesha Omar: Actress Ayesha Omar, who rose to fame with the famous Pakistani drama Bubbles, was the victim of a dangerous traffic accident in 2015. Fellow actor Azfar Rehman was also present with him at the time. Both were seriously injured. Ayesha Omar’s neck bone was broken, one hand was also badly affected. Over time, the neck bone and her injured hand healed but there was a big difference in the length of both hands and this difference is still found. Is. But now, by the grace of God, they are all right. On the other hand, Azfar Rehman suffered several head and body injuries but he recovered quickly. Hareem Farooq: Model and actress Hareem Farooq has said in several interviews that she had an accident in which she suffered Were also injured. The actress also said about the accident that if the accident hurt me, it would have been beneficial for me. Kabra Khan: Who doesn’t know the name of actress Kabra Khan today, every other Pakistani likes her acting. He revealed in an interview that several bones in his face were broken. Because at the age of 18 she was the victim of a road accident. The accident affected the nasal bone, the bone above the eye and the cheek bone. Talking about the same incident, he further said that I am always worried that nothing else will happen now. Momal Khalid: Momal Khalid got the biggest shock of his life when she was traveling with her fianc and their car collided with another car, as a result of which both of them were seriously injured. Actress Momal Khalid: In this accident, one of Momal Khalid’s hands was broken, he suffered several minor injuries but his fianc شاہ Shahzeb Magsi lost this battle of life. Jawariya Abbasi: Jawariya Abbasi was the victim of a horrific car accident in 2000 which caused her many injuries and also broke many bones of her body. After the incident, he underwent several surgeries to recover. Then, by the grace of God, they recovered after some time. But it is said that there are still scars on his body. Malaika Arora: Famous Indian actress Malaika Arora was also seriously injured in a car accident and was shifted to a nearby hospital where she was given full treatment. Doctors said he suffered head injuries but is now OK. The accident happened to him on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, where his car collided with three other cars.

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