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Vinod Khanna’s film which was completed in two months and became a super hit !!!! Very few people know about it

Mumbai: (Web Desk) Feroze Khan saw the Tamil language film ‘Naikan’ inspired by the Hollywood classic ‘The Godfather’ and thought that there could be no better film to be remade. ۔ The film was also extraordinary, with Kamal Haasan playing the lead role in director Mani Ratnam’s Tamil language film. The story was about a man who could really be called Robin Hood. The feeling of deprivation and deprivation from childhood is such that one is forced to choose the path of crime.

Then one day he becomes the uncrowned king of the criminal world and rules over everyone’s heart. The only reason is that ‘Diawan’ means compassionate and sincere. The Messiah of the poor and stands by them in every sorrow. When Feroze Khan found out that Amitabh Bachchan and Jaitender were also anxious to buy the rights to this Tamil language film, they paid the highest amount and got the rights to make it in Hindi. Two years ago, his other film ‘Janbaaz’ had captivated everyone, so in 1988, he was inspired by a Tamil language film and was preparing to make ‘Diawan’. There was no one else but Vinod Khanna. Feroze Khan has always been in the habit of playing the role that made him feel better, unlike other actors. He did not want to become a hero on screen, so he decided to make Vinod Khanna a ‘Diawan’. Vinod Khanna and Feroz Khan had their own separate friendship and it was further strengthened when they worked together in ‘Qurbani’. That is why Vinod Khanna blindly signed the film on Feroze Khan’s offer. He was sure that if Feroze Khan had included him, it would definitely be a hit as the Tamil film had also caused a stir in South India. Feroze Khan was trying to make the film as fast as possible, so he chose Vinod Khanna, Aditya Panjoli and Anwar Radha Patel besides him. Now the problem was with Vinod Khanna’s heroin. It was a small role, no actress was willing to go ahead and play it. One of the reasons for this was that there was a bold scene of heroin kissing and kissing, which made the actors apologize. In such a situation, this character came to Madhuri Dixit. Till then no hit movie of hers had come and ‘Acid’ which made Madhuri Madhuri, was still in progress. That’s why they didn’t delay in paying it because they needed a big ‘break’. His wish came true with this film. Feroze Khan was planning to shoot ‘Diawan’ in the same schedule. It will be the first film of its kind, completed in just two months. Musician Lakshmi Kant Pyare immediately composed four songs. When ‘Diawan’ was completed, Feroze Khan felt that there should be a song in it which would describe the anguish and pain of Diawan i.e. Vinod Khanna which he endured from childhood to old age. That is why he would repeatedly go to musician Lakshmi Kant Piare Lal and ask him to compose such a song. The musician duo summoned the singer and told him about Feroz Khan’s troubles. He also sat with his head bowed. Meanwhile, Feroz Khan was waiting for the song to be ready so that he could play ‘Diawan’ in cinemas. Finally, one day, Andyur stopped the musician Lakshmi Kant Piare Lal by writing the lyrics and he composed the lyrics overnight. Mohammad Aziz was chosen for the singing, who drowned and sang ‘Who broke your heart’ that when he was told to Feroz Khan, he jumped. The anguish, the emotion, the grief and the sorrow that they wanted in the song, they got. The song was filmed in ‘Diawan’, while it was also used behind the scenes on several occasions. When director Feroz Khan presented ‘Diawan’ in cinemas on September 29, 1988, Housefill boards also started appearing. Vinod Khanna also acted in such a way that alarm bells rang for many contemporary actors. Most believed that Vinod Khanna, who had been away from the film world for a long time, re-entered Indian films through this film. ‘Diawan’ was the most successful creation of the year, whose songs were also hit. Especially joining the last moments song ‘Dil Tera Kis Ne Toda’ was the highlight of the film. Interestingly, Feroz Khan did not work with Madhuri Dixit or Vinod Khanna in any other film after this one. Madhuri Dixit, who became Vinod Khanna’s heroine in ‘Diawan’, appeared in ‘Mohabbat’ with her son Akshay Khanna almost nine years after the film. However, even today, ‘Diawan’ is considered a classic movie.

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