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The Prime Minister does not recognize anyone other than Imran Khan, the big announcement of the well-known actress

LAHORE: Leading actress of Pakistan Showbiz Industry Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui has said that she does not accept anyone other than Imran Khan as the Prime Minister of the country. Zara Noor Abbas on her Insta Story after the decision of the Supreme Court’s self-notice came to light

What is your opinion? He wrote in his Insta Story that “she will not accept any party other than PTI”. It should be noted that after the rejection of the no-confidence motion in the National Assembly, the decision of the suo motu notice taken by the Supreme Court was announced. Declaring the rolling of the Deputy Speaker null and void in the judgment, the Supreme Court restored the dissolved assembly. The Supreme Court directed the Speaker of the National Assembly to convene a meeting of the Assembly on Saturday morning and hold a vote on the no-confidence motion.

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