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Haritak Roshan is getting married to which Indian actress? You may be surprised to hear the name

Mumbai: (Web Desk) Bollywood’s leading hero Haritak Roshan and famous Indian actress Saba Azad’s early marriage rumors are circulating. A close friend of the couple told Indian media that actor Haritak and Saba have become very close.

He said that Haritak’s family accepted Saba and especially Haritak’s family likes his songs. According to the friend, the two are close to each other but do not want to rush into marriage. A close friend of the couple said that Saba Azad has a close friendship with Haritak’s ex-wife Suzanne Khan and both are in touch while Haritak’s children have also taken Saba before. It is to be noted that Haritak Roshan and Saba Azad were seen holding hands in a restaurant some time back and since then various rumors have been circulating. The couple has been spotted visiting each other’s homes, while pictures of the couple with each other’s families have also surfaced, leading to speculation that the couple may be getting married soon. Who is Saba Azad? Saba Azad’s real name is Saba Singh Grewal, she is the niece of renowned Indian theater artist Safdar Hashmi. Saba Azad made her Bollywood debut in 2008 with Anil Senior’s Dil Kabaddi, which also starred Irfan Khan, Rahul Bose and Soha Ali Khan. In 2010, Saba started her own theater company, The Skins. Directed by First PlayPok. He recently decided to make an entry on the OTT platform and launched the web series Rocket Boys.

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