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How did you get married to Ariz Ahmed? Haba Bukhari unveiled the truth

Lahore: (Web Desk) Pakistani actress Haba Bukhari, who recently tied the knot, shared her love story with her fans. Haba Bukhari said in one of her interviews that when Ariz Ahmed asked about the marriage during the shooting of Extreme Love Before Marriage, she was surprised and thought that Ariz was joking. He said that we both had done 2 dramas together but Aries showed love in extreme love. “I told her to talk to her parents first but Aries was serious and soon our family met and we got married,” she said. It may be recalled that Haba Bukhari suddenly reported her engagement to Aries which surprised her fans and then after a while the two tied the knot. Ariz Ahmed and Hiba Bukhari got married in January and actress Hiba had laid down a condition in the marriage certificate that Ariz would never remarry.

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