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Which of these celebrities are the children in the picture today? Recognize

Lahore: (Web Desk) Today we have brought pictures of some famous personalities of Pakistan which you will be amazed to see. These two sisters are considered to be among the top actresses but they still look quite innocent like this picture. Urva Hussain is in white frock and Maura in blue, Urva is often seen fulfilling her love of singing along with acting. Also present in this photo are two sisters and both are known as famous actresses of Pakistan. This cute baby has now become the father of a chubby son himself. This is our favorite Hamza Ali Abbasi. Her smile is indicative of mischief and surprisingly, she still smiles in the same way today. You must know the captain who led Pakistan to the World Cup, yes this is Imran Khan. These singers who used to sing Rock Star and Chhono’s Eye now seem a little serious but mischief still shines through their eyes, this is Ali Zafar. The girl in this picture is very cute and sweet but when she grows up she has become a very playful and naughty actress. This cute little girl with dimples is Haniya Amir. Just like he used to smile shyly in his childhood, he is still shy today but now he is a very smart actor, this is Ahad Raza Mir.

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