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Interesting video viral of Mahesh Hayat !! What advice did you give to the fans?

KARACHI (News Desk) – Leading actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Mahesh Hayat has given a message to her fans not to lie in a unique way through an interesting video. Shared an interesting video in which the actress used English dubbing to stay away from lies

And quitting this habit is mentioned again and again. However, Mahesh Hayat’s style has made the video very interesting and his fans are also liking his style. It can be seen in the video that the actress used the words ‘Stop Lying’. In the video, the voice is of a man who is constantly repeating the same words, while Mahesh Hayat has given his impressions of these words in the video and at the same time has given a message to his fans to avoid lies. Actress Mahesh Hayat, who won the Medal of Distinction in Pakistan, is very active on social media and shares her photos and videos on various social media accounts for the fans to keep them busy.

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