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Improper words about Tobia Anwar !!!! Amir Liaqat was criticized and the people took him by surprise

Karachi: (Web Desk) Member National Assembly, TV host and controversial scholar Amir Liaquat Hussain is being criticized for using inappropriate words for his ex-wife Tobia Anwar. Tobia Anwar and Aamir Liaquat were married in July 2018 and this year the two had a divorce.

After the divorce, Aamir Liaquat had married Syeda Dania Shah, who was 31 years younger than him, and even then he had made controversial remarks about Tobia Anwar. However, recently when he shared Tobia Anwar’s meme on his Instagram and used inappropriate words for her, people criticized her. Aamir Liaquat shared a meme on the photo of his ex-wife Tobia Anwar’s Iftar, on which he gave inappropriate captions. In the meme shared by Amir Liaqat, Tobia Anwar could be seen breaking the fast, with the caption saying that Syeda Tobia was breaking her fast for the first time without the devil. Sharing his meme, Aamir Liaquat posted on Instagram that “Hey, this is the same, yes, the same, hey, the devil is not visible anyway, then who is she looking for”? He added, “Maybe the devil can’t see it and the devil can’t see it?” Aamir Liaquat shared the post on his Instagram but closed the option of comments on it, however his same post was also shared on other social media pages, where people criticized him severely. People also used harsh words for Amir Liaqat when he wrote about the devil on the edited picture of his ex-wife, ie meme, and wrote that he himself has been exposed in public, now he has done the same for his third wife. Will use the same words. Some people repented for Amir Liaqat’s words and wrote that he should use some good words for his ex-wife. Some users claimed that Amir Liaquat had lost his mind completely, some wrote that this person did not come even during Ramadan and some called him ‘ignorant’. Most of the people used inappropriate and harsh words for Aamir Liaquat, however some people advised him not to take his words seriously and also to laugh at his words.

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