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Beautiful moment of life !!!! Shaista Lodhi achieved great happiness

Riyadh: (Web Desk) Actress Shaista Lodhi, who rose to fame from the morning show, was fortunate enough to participate in the preparation of the shroud of the Kaaba. A new video of Shaista Lodhi is going viral on social media in which she can be seen expressing her feelings while preparing the shroud of Kaaba. In this video, it can be seen that Shaista Lodhi is present in this factory in Saudi Arabia where the shroud of Kaaba is made and she is sewing the shroud of Kaaba with the help of Saudi employees. The video of the well-known host is being shared on various patches of social media platforms on which social media users are congratulating Shaista Lodhi on achieving this bliss. Recently, former Indian actress Sana Khan also took part in the making of the Kaaba shroud and was blessed with a chest, the video of which was the center of attention of her fans on social media.

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