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Nadia Khan’s big claim rejected !!! Actor Nada Yasir said a big thing

Karachi: (Web Desk) Nadia Khan’s claim that she is the first host of morning shows in the country, Nada Yasir has denied this and declared herself the first host of morning shows. There was a time when there was fierce competition for TRP for morning shows between different channels in Pakistan. The hosts of the morning show used every tactic to bring new content to their shows to stay on top. Nadia Khan is generally considered to be the first host of modern morning shows who started doing shows at 9 in the morning. However, in a recent interview with Fuchsia Magazine, Nada Yasir, who is also the host of Morning Show, revealed that she is the first person to do morning shows before Nadia Khan. Nada Yasir said that the only difference was that they did morning shows on the recorded version for ARY and at that time ARY had just started. The host added that she later left the show because she was optimistic. Later, Nadia Khan started doing live morning shows.

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