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“Next time, if you have to do this …” What advice did actress Mathira give to Manal Khan?

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Karachi (Monitoring Desk) TV actress Manal Khan recently stole a breakfast photo of American model Kylie Jenner and posted it on her Instagram account on which internet users made fun of Manal Khan and made many memes about him. Now model, dancer and TV host Mathira has also approached Manal Khan

Khari Khari has been heard. A video clip of Mathira is going viral in which actress Jawariya is also present with him. “We try to make someone our own by beating someone’s thing,” says Mathira. Do we feel inferior or do people worry about their class? Mathira mocked Manal Khan’s theft and said, “Whatever breakfast you have, whether it is egg pratha or double bread, put it on the status quo.” Addressing Manal Khan, Mathira said, “Manal next.” When it comes to stealing someone’s status, do it with a small number of followers. The whole world follows Kylie Jenner, and do it a few days later, so people don’t recognize her. “

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