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Yasira Rizvi is a victim of cosmopolitanism! What did the showbiz personalities offer to the actress?

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KARACHI: Showbiz personalities and fans have offered financial support to Yasra Rizvi, director and writer of romantic comedy film ‘Senti and Mantle’, which has been delayed due to financial difficulties. Yasira Rizvi shared the trailer of ‘Senti and Mantle’ on July 1.

Yasira Rizvi, while sharing the trailer of the film, wrote that although it took him a lot of time and money to make ‘Senti and Mantle’, he did not regret it, as he was very upset with the project. Learned something. He wrote that perhaps his money and time was wasted while making ‘Senti and Mantle’ because the film was either not very good or he learned a lot while making it, which is why the film Yasira Rizvi wrote that although ‘Senti and Mantle’ got her in trouble, she was not as upset as other people are thinking. Due to the delay in his film, however, after he mentioned the financial problems in a vague way, showbiz personalities and fans offered him help. Filmmaker Mehreen Jabbar while commenting on Yasira Rizvi’s post. He complimented her and asked her how she could help him. Mehreen Jabbar praised the actress’ film and asked her how she could help him. Apart from her, actress Sarwat Gilani also offered financial support to Yasira Rizvi and she suggested the actress to open a bank account so that Pakistanis could help her. Commenting on Yasira Rizvi’s post, he offered her financial support. Prior to the recent post, in December 2021, Yasira Rizvi had told Dawn Images that her film ‘Senti and Mantle’ was delayed due to financial difficulties. He started work on the film in 2018 and started shooting in 2019 but then the shooting was canceled due to the Corona epidemic. Irfan Khost, Laila in the cast of the romantic comedy film. Other actors include Zubair, Laila Wasti, Saifi Hassan, Nimrah Bacha, Beau Zafar, Arz Ahmed and Faryal Mahmood. The story of the film is written by Yasira Rizvi while she is the director.

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