Good news for the fans, hint of making a sequel of the most popular drama “Peri Zad”.


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Karachi (Web Desk) Hashim Nadeem, the author of the country’s most popular drama “Peri Zaad” has hinted at making a sequel to the drama. According to media reports, actor Ahmed Ali Akbar played the lead role in the drama Pari Zad which was aired on private TV. He also changed his appearance for this role. Loyalty, honesty and self-sacrifice make a very rich businessman from a simple man working in a workshop. According to the report, the play’s author Hashim Nadeem shared a picture of actor Ahmed on social networking site Instagram with the caption “Chapter 2”. This suggests that the sequel to the play will be worked on. However, no explanation was given by the management of the drama production in this regard and neither Hashim Nadeem gave details.


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