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IN HOT WATER Little-known boiler trick has cut my bill by nearly £100 a month – how you can do it too

A SAVVY saver has revealed how a little-known boiler trick cut their bill by nearly £100 in just one month.

It involves checking your boiler settings to make sure it is set to the right temperature – otherwise you could be paying much more on your bills.

Here’s how your boiler could be costing you more than you need to pay on your energy bills
Here’s how your boiler could be costing you more than you need to pay on your energy billsCredit: Getty
The trick works if you have a combi-boiler, which provides both hot water and heating – and its the most common type of model used by Brits.

It comes as families are feeling the crunch as the ongoing energy crisis has hiked energy bills to record-breaking levels.

Some are having to put 50% more of their weekly budget towards gas and electricity costs.

It’s meant that one in 10 families are on the brink according to Citizens Advice, as Brits face falling into the red or being left unable to cover essentials.

As families look at ways of slashing their bills, one thrifty customer has revealed how they have saved £93 since the beginning of December using a simple hack.

The saver took to parenting forum Mumsnet under the handle JollyHostess to reveal how they did it.

But they re-set this to 50C for hot water and 55C for heating after receiving an email from their supplier, Octopus, recommending customers to tweak their boiler to these temperatures to save money.

Although this lower setting will take longer for your systems to fire up, it has stopped the customer from spending “huge amounts” on their energy bill.

“I have saved £95 since the beginning of December and this is the only substantial change I have made,” they said.

“Seems worth a try since we’re all crippled with ridiculous energy bills at the moment.”

You can check the tips out for yourself on Octopus’ website.

How to change your flow settings
For those with a combi-boiler, you’ll most likely have two dials on it – one for heating, and one for hot water.

The heating dial will most likely have a radiator icon on it, while the hot water dial will probably have a tap on it, according to The Heating Hub.

Boiler settings vary from model to model – so its a good idea to check the manual to find out exactly how to set yours.

How else is my boiler costing money?
It’s not just your boiler’s flow settings that could be making your energy bills go up.

If you spot rust on your boiler then it could mean you’re paying more than you need to on using your appliance.

Although rust itself does not cause issues, it could be a sign that there is a leak – which indicates there is a problem with your boiler.

It can also upset the temperature balance in your boiler, making it run less efficiently and ramping up costs.

There are also a list of other common boiler problems we’ve rounded up that could be pumping up your bills.

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